The Back Story

Todd Harrington, owner of Book My Rooms and Party Tours has teamed up with Justus Ewing, Founder and CEO of t.i. WebSoft to bring you the newest thinking in online hotel purchase power.

Todd has been working in the entertainment industry and has owned quite a few great companies over the years that have been very successful in delivering great rates to leisure and business travelers alike. Justus has been patening new technology since childhood and developing custom platforms since the early 90's. He and his team at t.i. WebSoft Pride themselves on putting together some of the most eloquent software on the web.

The team at t.i. WebSoft specializes in Digital Development, Production & Marketing. Together, Todd and Justus are putting their companies to work to bring you the absolute lowest Hotel rates possible. And the team isn’t stopping there. They are also working around the clock to deliver a simple yet comprehensive Trip & Travel Receipts & Reports management system. And this is just what they have in mind getting started.

How It Works

It's really simple. We don't raise the rates. By charging a very small monthly fee, Membership Travel gives you access to the absolute lowest possible hotel rates in the world.

Most online rate suppliers compete with each other to advertise the lowest rate. But in reality, they're all raising their rates as much as the market can possibly bare. Membership travel simply turns that rate back around to our members. Our business model is based on membership fees, not raising rates.